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Male choir and female director. A family and a small community need bindings, in order to face the challenges of future.

Young cellist Maria is disappointed by ruthless music industry. She gets back to the village in the Alps where she was born, a small and isolated community where an ancient language is still spoken: Cimbric. There she finds a sick mother, a death brother after a fatal incident with his tractor, a mourning sister in law facing a financial crisis, and a small community struggling with the first effects of climate change. Almost by chance, or maybe because it’s impossible to not meet at the only one bar at the village “piazza”, Maria gets in touch wit the famous local male choir. In fact, now not much remains from past glory: just a bunch of weird drunkards. Quirino is the only one who still fights for the choir’s survival, as he dreams of a singing contest, which may let them rise again. In order to do this, he asks Maria for help. She accepts the challenge, as she wants to find a new way to music again. A kaleidoscope of characters brings irony and rhythm to the tale of this small world, shook by the bugbear of climate change, and by the determination of a young woman.


“Resin” is a film about music, about climate change and about the conflict we have with beauty. It’s the story of a young woman in a world of men. It discovers back a small mountain community, with a thousand year history, which is going to slowly disappear together with its culture and traditions: the Cimbers. I felt the need to discover some displaced environments, where sometimes somebody remains caught, possibly waiting for a wave which may bring him away again. Maria, Quirino, the choir singers are all uexpected characters, because they fight against the temptation of giving up and disconnect from the world. Maria’s path and her contraddictory liaison with something expressing beauty, like music should be, follows the path of the community she is illuminating. Struggling against climate change and its first challenges, which will affect more or less visibly, but inexorably, the whole planet.”



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